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Opioids for Chronic Pain Can Increase Life Expectancy

More truth that gets ignored or deliberately buried in propaganda.

EDS and Chronic Pain News & Info

Do Opioids Alone Have an Impact on Life Expectancy?By Lynn Webster, M.D. – Sept 2017

Dr. Webster presents us with examples of two kinds of people having two different motivations for opioid use. For one group, the drug increases their quality and length of life, while for the other, illicit opioids decrease quality and length of life:

  1. one is using carefully measured, quality assured opioids from a pharmacy “as prescribed” as part of a medical treatment plan,
  2. the other is using various amounts of various combinations of various opioid-laced powers acquired from illicit sources.

That right there explains why overdoses are far less likely to happen in legitimate pain patients. 

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