About me; a few jobs I’ve had

Ever heard of Sybil, the girl with 16 personalities? If all 16 of her personalities were schizo & had a wildly varied job histories, she’d start –start– to approach my resume. Some call it psycho, I like “versatile.” Potato, potahto.

Off the top of my head, not in chrono order (I’ll toss in new ones as they come to mind):

research technician



“Licensed Support Staff,” Allstate Insurance

field bio/natural sciences teacher

SAT tutor

freelance writer (science fiction, health tips, geography encyclopedia entries, horror, poetry, history)


pet sitter

deli-counter/sandwich maker

Department store clerk

pet store owner

3 responses to “About me; a few jobs I’ve had

  1. louisva

    I noticed someplace recently that you (if I’m not mistaken) were asking about Dr. Forest Tennant. I was his patient for 8 years and have info I’d like to relate if you R interested? louisogden@prodigy.net

  2. F1 Rocket Engine

    Really like the way you express yourself regarding the abandonment of the pain folk. THANKS

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! It’s a subject that’s very personal to me, both because I have chronic pain & because I had to watch my mother die in unspeakable agony in 1997, because of the original “oxycontin crisis.” Plus, I’m a lifelong scientist & it absolutely drives me insane when people choose stupidity & lies over facts & science…. which basically means that these days I could use a straight jacket! Best to you, & let’s pray that reason prevails soon.

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