Study: Limiting opioid Rx won’t reduce overdose deaths

Another highly informative post by my good friend, Zyp Czyk

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Limiting opioid prescriptions will do little to reduce overdose deaths, study says – by Felice J. Freyer Globe Staff  February 01, 2019

This article is about a very important, and for us very encouraging, new JAMA study that just came out showing that prescription limits barely reduce overdoses. We pain patients have known this all along, but when it’s officially researched and published it will be taken more seriously.

The anti-opioid zealots will try to explain away its findings, but it will be a piece of hard evidence that saner minds can use to push back against these ridiculously ineffective prescription opioid limits.

When the death toll from opioid overdoses began to soar a few years ago… Policy makers naturally sought to put a lid on opioid prescribing.

But a study published Friday in JAMA Network Open finds that reducing opioid prescriptions will have little effect on the death rate…

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2 responses to “Study: Limiting opioid Rx won’t reduce overdose deaths

  1. I’m touched you referred to me as a “good friend” – it really gives me a warm feeling deep inside. I think that’s one of the nicest things you could say about me.

    I truly am truly, ridiculously sensitive and I usually (these days) have a choice whether to share these feelings, good or bad. Ryan has helped me learn how to avoid the bad, but I decided that if I was feeling something nice about a person I should just go ahead and tell them.

    So, there! 🙂


    • I consider you one of my most valued friends, and one of the leading lights of the chronic pain community. It’s awfully difficult not to be sensitive when one is the target of a nationwide attack, and being basically blamed for the “worst” problem in society (which it’s not). At least it’s difficult for me– I feel sensitive & enraged pretty much all the time, and like a subhuman non-person. It means a lot to me that my opinion means something to you.

      Please pass along my warm opinion & gratitude to Ryan as well. 🙂

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