Rx Drugs Aren’t to Blame for Rise in Addiction Deaths

Zyp has another excellent post…showing more than ever that politics & politicians and facts have not even a passing relationship. This proposal by Gillibrand is unconscionable.

EDS and Chronic Pain News & Info

Prescription Drugs Aren’t to Blame for Rise in Addiction Deaths – BloombergBy Ramesh Ponnuru – Mar2019

I’m thrilled to see the true fact about the opioid issue prominent in the headline of a mainstream media publication – especially one directed at financial professionals.

“Patients in pain have become collateral damage in the war on opioids.”

Seeing this fact, which is so often voiced by pain patients, simply stated in this article gives me hope that the public will start to realize that opioids are sometimes very needed and not some sort of “evil” substance that “causes addiction”. 

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