Blaming Rx Pills For Opioid Epidemic Is Fake News

I fear it’s far too late for anything like the truth to ever get in the way of the hysteria that’s been drummed up. I’ve never hoped more fervently to be wrong.

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Blaming Prescription Pain Pills For The Opioid Epidemic Is Fake News
How negligent media have helped inflate a deadly moral panic over prescription opioids and ignored the real sources of addiction while hurting people who live with devastating chronic pain.By Peter Pischke– March 26, 2019

Although opioid-related deaths are driven mainly by heroin and black-market fentanyl, you would not know that from most of the press coverage, which emphasizes pain medication prescribed to patients who become addicted, overdose, and die.

This narrative is “fake news.”

This is the fairytale the media has been pushing for years and years. Just by its incessant repetition, it has ingrained itself in our culture and remains stubbornly immune to facts. 

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  1. I follow Zyp and found this, I recently heard of a doctor that cured aids and cancer, named DR SEBI. He was taken to court for false claims but won his cases by bringing patients he cured, soon after he was killed but there is info online

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